Marine Court Guest Accommodation is committed to reducing our environmental impact. In order to achieve this we will endeavour to:

  • Constantly monitor and evaluate our consumption of resources, thereby reducing our pollution and energy consumption.
  • Monitor and reduce our waste, recycling and reusing wherever possible.
  • Ongoing replacement of Light Bulbs with Energy Saving Bulbs.
  • Sensor lights fitted in all public areas.
  • Large bottles of toiletries in bedrooms rather than individual ones
  • Use filtered tap water in re – usable glass bottle in all Guest rooms.
  • Use suppliers that are local, thus reducing cost of transportation. Also using suppliers with good environmental policies and sustainable business practices.
  • Liaising with other local accommodation providers and businesses.

How our guests can help:

  • Reduce energy usage – turn off electrical equipment and lights including T.V left on standby when not in use and remembering to unplug your mobile phone charger.
  • Ensure kettles are not overfilled.
  • Turn down/ off heating in room when not in use
  • Use public transport – we can provide information about local public transport, and as we are only a short distance from the beach, town centre and local amenities it makes good sense for your pocket, the environment and your waistline to maybe have a stroll into town.
  • Shop locally – Try local products of the area during your stay; perhaps the farmers market and local craft fairs.
  • Recycle – We encourage our guest to help us in our recycling efforts by keeping recyclables separated from normal waste by placing newspapers, magazines, plastic/glass bottles/cans next to the bin.
  • Conserve water – ensure taps and showers are turned off fully when not in use.   Please note our linen and towel policy, available in the information folder in the bedroom.
  • By using country codes and practices when out and about.
  • Use of our secured Wi-Fi Internet connection is free but a small donation in the charity box of our choice, which is the RNLI would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, comments, tips or ideas to help us with our commitment to run a greener Guest House then please do not hesitate to let us know.